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Cloning and Expression Pattern Analysis of Rice OsJMJ718 Alternative Polyadenylation Sequences During Reproductive Developmental Stage

Lu Dan, Wang Li, Song Fan, Tao Juhong, Zhang Dabing, Yuan Zheng*()   

  1. School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China
  • Received:2017-06-07 Accepted:2017-10-07 Online:2018-11-29 Published:2018-09-01
  • Contact: Yuan Zheng
  • About author:† These authors contributed equally to this paper


Alternative polyadenylation (APA) is one of the important regulatory pathways of eukaryotic gene expression. By forming different lengths of 3' untranslated regions, APA affects the stability, localization and translation efficiency of mRNA and increases the complexity of transcripts. The expression of the Arabidopsis gene increased polyadenylation of BONSAI methylation 1 (IBM1) is regulated by chromatin regulatory factor enhanced downy mildew 2 (EDM2), which can further affect the CHG methylation level of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome. However, whether such regulatory mechanisms exist in other species is unknown. To answer this question, we selected OsJMJ718, an IBM1 homologous gene of rice, for research. By using bioinformatics analysis and 3'RACE experiments, we found that homologous genes of IBM1 also had APA modification. Among them, the OsJMJ718 gene may have 9 alternative polyadenylation sequences. Further sequence alignment analysis revealed that the 3' terminal sequence of OsJMJ718 in the existing Japonica genome in the NCBI database may be different from that of the other ecotype genome sequences, such as 9522 and Minghui 63. Quantitative real-time PCR showed that the 9 transcripts of OsJMJ718 present diverse dynamic expression patterns in different stages of rice reproductive development. The expression of OsJMJ718-TVX5 was higher than that of other transcripts. In summary, this work provides information for APA sequences of OsJMJ718, and the expression pattern analysis of these transcripts would also help further study of the mechanism of APA and biological function of OsJMJ718.

Key words: rice, OsJMJ718, alternative polyadenylation, 3'RACE, expression pattern

Table 1

Primers used in this research"

Primer name Primer sequence (5′-3′) Type

Figure 1

The number of alternative polyadenylation sequences of JHDM2 family genes in Arabidopsis thaliana and riceOs09g22540 (JMJ718) is OsJMJ718, the target sequence of this study; At3g07610 (JMJ25) is IBM1, which is the homo- logous gene of OsJMJ718 in Arabidopsis thaliana."

Figure 2

Sequence analysis of OsJMJ718-TVX transcriptsNine transcripts were named as TVX1-TVX9, respectively; Exon1-Exon10 represent common exon sequences for each transcript; Exon11-Exon18 were marked in different color, the 8 exons were processed in TVX1-TVX7 by alternative polyadenylation. However, 3’ terminal sequences of TVX8 and TVX9 are only exist in MH63 genomic sequences. * indicates stop codon"

Figure 3

Expression pattern analysis of OsJMJ718-TVX transcripts"

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