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Advances in the Functions of Immunophilins in Plants

Sun Wanmei, Wang Xiaozhu, Han Erqin, Han Li, Sun Liping, Peng Zaihui, Wang Bangjun*()   

  1. Key Laboratory of Eco-Environments in Three Gorges Reservoir Region (Ministry of Education), School of Life Sciences, Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, China
  • Received:2016-10-20 Accepted:2017-03-18 Online:2018-02-22 Published:2017-11-01
  • Contact: Wang Bangjun


Immunophilins are receptors for immunosuppressive drugs that exist widely in bacteria, viruses, fungi, plants and animals. In plants, immunophilins have three subfamilies: FK506-binding proteins, cyclosporine A-binding proteins (cyclophilins) and parvulins. Many members of immunophilins are peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerases that may act as molecular chaperones for protein folding. In this review, we summarize the research progress in the functions of plant immunophilins in hormone signaling, photosynthesis, stress response and gene expression etc., to provide valuable information for further study of immunophilin functions.

Key words: growth and development, gene expression, immunophilins, photosynthesis, stress response

Table 1

The localization and function of some immunophilins in plant cells"

Figure 1

Immunophilins regulate downstream signaling by interacting with related proteins(A) TWD1 helps the correct secretion of ABCB transporters to the plasma membrane, thus regulating ABCB-mediated auxin transport; Brassinosteroid might affect this process (Geisler and Bailly, 2007; Wu et al., 2010); (B) TWD1 physically interacts with BRI1 and BAK1 in a BR-independent manner, which may facilitate the phosphorylation of BRI1 and BAK1, inhibit BIN2 activity,and affect BES1/BZR1 phosphorylation, eventually regulate the BR response gene expression (Zhao et al., 2016; Chaiwanon et al., 2016); (C) A conformational change of BZR1 mediated by AtCYP20-2 causes altered flowering time through the modulation of FLD expression (Zhang et al., 2013); (D) In the presence of auxin, OsIAA11 conformation was changed by interacting with LRT2, and then formed the OsTIR1-OsIAA11 complex. OsTIR1-OsIAA11 complex facilitated OsIAA11 binding to 26S proteasome and caused OsIAA11 degradation; Finally, ARFs became active and activated auxin-regulated genes (Jing et al., 2015)."

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