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Evolutionary Pattern of the GBSS Gene Family in Plants

Wang Qian, Sun Wenjing, Bao Ying*()   

  1. School of Life Sciences, Qufu Normal University, Qufu 273165, China
  • Received:2016-03-08 Accepted:2016-08-08 Online:2017-04-05 Published:2017-03-01
  • Contact: Bao Ying
  • About author:# Co-first authors


We analyzed the evolutionary pattern of the granule-bound starch-synthase genes (GBSS) in 20 land plants and 2 algae from whole-genome data with bioinformatics methods. A total of 42 genes were detected and their sequence structures were characterized. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the GBSS gene family had an ancient origin and complex evolutionary history. It probably appeared in the early evolutionary stage of green plants, then mostly experienced lineage-specific expansion and copy loss during evolution, and finally was fixed in different plant taxa via functional divergence.

Key words: genome, phylogeny, gene duplication,, copy loss, functional, divergence

Figure 1

The maximum likelihood tree of the granule-bound starch synthase gene family based on amino acid sequences of 22 plant speciesNumbers above the branches indicate bootstrap values above 50%. Numbers following species names indicate different gene loci as listed in Table 1."

Figure 2

Maximum likelihood tree of 4 species based on amino acid homologous sequences of the starch synthase genesNumbers above the branches indicate bootstrap values above 50%. Two genes of Musa acuminata indicated by arrow should be SSII rather than GBSS."

Figure 3

Synteny alignment of the chromosome regions with 4 GBSS homologous genes in Glycine max(A) The chromosome region includes locus GM10G31540; (B) The chromosome region includes locus GM20G36040; (C) The chromosome region includes locus GM16G02110; (D) The chromosome region includes locus GM07G05580. Arrows indicate the direction of genes’ transcription. Homologous genes are shown in same colors. Four GBSS genes are in the frame."

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