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Axillary Bud Propagation and Regeneration from Stem Segment Explants in Calophyllum inophyllum

Decheng Xu, Xiaojing Wang*   

  1. Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Biotechnology for Plant Development, School of Life Sciences, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China
  • Received:2013-10-09 Revised:2013-11-17 Online:2014-01-07 Published:2014-03-01
  • Contact: Xiaojing Wang;

Abstract: Calophyllum inophyllum is an important medicinal tree belonging to the Guttiferae family. We used stem segments with a node as explants for bud propagation and plantlet regeneration and examined the effects of plant growth regulators on axillary bud germination, propagation, bud elongation and rooting from adventitious buds. The suitable medium for axillary bud germination and propagation was MS supplemented with NAA1.0 and TDZ0.5. Culture of explants on this medium for 21 days and then transfer to hormone-free medium supplied with 0.5 g·L–1 active carbon promoted the elongation of adventitious buds. We developed a two-step method for rooting. The explants with adventitious buds were first cultured on 1/2 MS medium with 1 mg·L–1NAA for 4 weeks, then on hormone-free medium supplied with 1.0 g·L–1 active carbon. This two-step rooting method accelerated rooting efficiently.

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