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Stress Memory Mediated by Epigenetic Modification in Plants

Chen Wei1,Yang Yingzeng1,2,Chen Feng1,2,Zhou Wenguan1,2,Shu Kai1,*()   

  1. 1 Research Center for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710129, China
    2 Institute of Ecological Agriculture, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu 611130, China
  • Received:2019-07-18 Accepted:2019-10-17 Online:2020-07-09 Published:2019-11-01
  • Contact: Shu Kai


Because of the fixed growth habits lacking of mobility, plants have innovated unique strategies to cope with variable environmental conditions. For their survival, plants have evolved mechanisms of stress memories to adapt to the adverse environments and thus protect themselves. Epigenetic modifications not only regulate the growth and development of plants, but also participate in responses to various abiotic and/or biotic stresses. Recent studies have shown that epigenetic modifications play important roles in the control of plant stress memory. In particular, DNA methylation, histone methylation, histone acetylation modification, and other modifications are involved in the formation and the maintenance of specific stress memories. This review highlights the recent advances of plant stress memories mediated by epigenetic modifications, and some key challenges in this field were discussed.

Key words: epigenetic modification, DNA methylation, histone modification, stress memory

Table 1

Epigenetic modifications involved in various stress memories"

修饰方式 胁迫类型 相关基因或调控因子 物种 机理 参考文献
干旱 桃叶蓼 DNA甲基化能介导干旱胁迫记忆的维持, 而DNA去甲基化处理会移除干旱胁迫记忆 Li et al., 2019; Herman and Sultan, 2016
拟南芥 干旱胁迫记忆导致全基因组DNA低甲基化 Boyko et al., 2010
水稻 盐胁迫导致可遗传的DNA甲基化变化 Feng et al., 2012
DNA糖基化酶 拟南芥 DNA特定区域的超甲基化介导盐胁迫记忆, 而DNA糖基化酶能够抑制盐胁迫记忆的遗传 Wibowo et al., 2016
生物 PR-1 拟南芥 DNA的低甲基化水平增强PR-1的表达, 介导生物胁迫记忆的遗传 Luna et al., 2012
高温 HSFA2 拟南芥 HSFA2能够维持高水平的H3K4me3/2, 从而维持高温胁迫记忆 Lämke et al., 2016; Liu et al., 2018
FGT1 拟南芥 FGT1诱导并维持记忆基因的表达, 通过调控核小体占位介导胁迫记忆 Brzezinka et al., 2016
HSFA2, REF6 拟南芥 HSFA2与REF6形成一个正反馈回路, 维持H3K27me3去甲基化调控的高温胁迫记忆 Liu et al., 2019
干旱 RD29B, RAB18 拟南芥 高水平的H3K4me3修饰可以加快RD29BRAB18基因的转录 Ding et al., 2012
HKT1 拟南芥 H3K27me3修饰水平的降低加快HKT1基因的转录 Sani et al., 2013
P5CS1 拟南芥 高水平的H3K4me3修饰加快P5CS1基因的转录 Feng et al., 2016
低温 COR15A, ATGOLS3 拟南芥 H3K27me3修饰减少促进COR15AATGOLS3基因的转录 Kwon et al., 2009
FLC 拟南芥 H3K27me3与FLC基因启动子中的起始复合体(PRC2)互作, 进而维持对FLC基因表达的抑制 Berry and Dean, 2015
生物 WRKY6, WRKY53 拟南芥 H3K4me3修饰促进WRKY6WRKY53的转录 Jaskiewicz et al., 2011
PLANT DEFENSIN1.2 拟南芥 H3K27me3修饰抑制PLANT DEFENSIN1.2基因的转录 Luna et al., 2012
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