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Phylogeny and Tissue-specific Expression of the GBSS Genes in Oryza officinalis

Zhang Xia1,Jing Xiang1,Zhou Guangcai2,Bao Ying1,*()   

  1. 1. School of Life Sciences, Qufu Normal University, Qufu 273165, China
    2. Lin Zi No.2 Middle School of Zibo, Zibo 255400, China
  • Received:2018-04-26 Accepted:2018-12-10 Online:2019-11-24 Published:2019-05-01
  • Contact: Bao Ying


Starch is a main kind of carbohydrates and plays a vital role in energy storage. The granule-bound starch synthase (GBSS) is responsible for the synthesis of amylose. Although GBSS genes have been cloned and identified in many cultivated plants, there are only a few cases of studies on non-cultrivated plants. The present study involved qualitative and quantitative analyses on the sequence characteristics, phylogeny, and expression pattern of GBSS genes in Oryza officinalis. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the GBSS was encoded by two GBSS genes (GBSSI and GBSSII) in all species of Poaceae. In O. officinalis, the two genes shared 62% amino acid identity and displayed different expression patterns in different organs. GBSSII expression was higher in leaves than seeds, whereas GBSSI was mainly expressed in seeds, which suggests divergent spatial expression of the two genes in this wild rice.

Key words: Oryza officinalis, granule-bound starch synthase, sequence identity, expression divergence, leaf, seed

Table 1

Primer sequences of GBSSI and GBSSII"

GenePrimer namePrimer sequence (5'-3')

Figure 1

Gene structures of the GBSSI and GBSSII in Oryza officinalis"

Table 2

Amino acid sequence identities of GBSSs between Oryza officinalis and other plants"

PlantsGene (GenBank/UniProt No.)Sequence identity (%)
Oryza officinalis
Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaGBSSI (XP_025882300.1)95.2260.35
GBSSII (XP_015647210.1)62.3096.72
O. sativa subsp. indicaGBSSI (AAN77100.1)97.8762.30
GBSSII (ACY56079.1)62.4697.04
Leersia perrieriGBSSI (A0A0D9WLF6) *93.0162.15
GBSSII (A0A0D9WED4) *58.4485.62
Zizania latifoliaGBSSI (ASSH01051725.1) **90.8062.01
GBSSII (ASSH01023543.1) **59.4687.47
Brachypodium distachyonGBSSI (XP_003557139.1)79.3161.16
GBSSII (XP_003569238.1)60.3385.43
Hordeum vulgareGBSSI (BAC41202.1)81.9760.76
GBSSII (BAJ99426.1)61.8586.12
Setaria italicaGBSSI (AGW27658.1)86.7261.90
GBSSII (XP_004956034.1)62.4087.34
Sorghum bicolorGBSSI (XP_002436418.1)82.5261.90
GBSSII (XP_002461889.1)62.6286.18
Triticum aestivumGBSSI (XP_020146905.1)81.3760.36
GBSSII (AAG27624.1)61.7986.09
Zea maysGBSSI (NP_001105001)82.0862.13
GBSSII (NP_001334833)62.3685.88
Musa acuminataGBSS1 (KF512020.1)66.3965.35
GBSS2 (KF512021.1)67.9663.99
GBSS3 (KF512023.1)63.9362.91
Arabidopsis thalianaGBSS (XP_020866584.1)62.4863.88
Gossypium raimondiiGBSS1 (XP_012474755.1)63.8966.01
GBSS2 (XP_012439861.1)63.1166.77
GBSS3 (XP_012486622.1)62.7564.01
Solanum lycopersicumGBSS (NP_001311457.1)67.0562.03
Carica papayaGBSS (XP_021900468.1)65.9166.45
S. tuberosumGBSS (XP_006343763.1)62.8967.27
Vitis viniferaGBSS1 (XP_010660257.1)65.5266.23
GBSS2 (XP_019081062.1)64.0767.76
Amborella trichopodaGBSS (XP_006837847.1)62.8166.17
Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiGBSS (XP_001697117.1)47.7947.05

Figure 2

A maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree of the GBSS based on amino acid sequences Numbers near branches indicate bootstrap value."

Figure 3

Relative expression of GBSSI and GBSSII in leaves and seeds of Oryza officinalis(A), (B) Amplification results of RT-PCR and qRT-PCR for GBSS genes in leaves; (C), (D) Amplification results of RT-PCR and qRT-PCR for GBSS genes in seeds."

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