Chinese Bulletin of Botany ›› 2015, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (5): 628-636.DOI: 10.11983/CBB14119

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Studies of Innate Immunity Mediated by Lysin Motif Protein and Its Signaling Priming

Dongchao Ji, Kai Song, Jingjing Xing, Tong Chen*, Shiping Tian   

  1. Key Laboratory of Plant Resources, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100093, China
  • Received:2014-07-14 Accepted:2014-11-13 Online:2015-09-01 Published:2015-10-09
  • Contact: Chen Tong
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Abstract: Lysin motif (LysM) is a ubiquitous protein domain found in most living organisms. LysM-containing proteins in plant cells can recognize different GlcNAc-containing ligands, thereby triggering specific defense responses to pathogens. As a group of important pattern recognition receptors, LysM-containing proteins trigger downstream signaling by oligomerization, thus interacting with the Botrytis-induced kinase 1 (BIK1) and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascade. Pathogenic microorganisms also use certain mechanisms to escape from pathogen-associated molecular pattern-triggered immunity by utilizing specific recognition or modification of pattern recognition receptors by the secreted effector proteins. This review focuses on the functions of these receptor kinases/proteins in response to elicitor stimuli and priming of defense responses.