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H2S May Function Downstream of H2O2 in Jasmonic Acid-induced Stomatal Closure in Vicia faba

Zhihui Hou, Jing Liu, Lixia Hou, Xidong Li, Xin Liu*   

  1. College of Life Sciences, Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao 266109, China
  • Received:2010-10-26 Revised:2011-01-25 Online:2011-07-01 Published:2011-07-01
  • Contact: Xin Liu
  • Supported by:

    National Natural Science Foundation of China

Abstract: Pharmacological treatments combined with laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) and spectrophotography were used to study the role of H2S and H2O2 in the signaling transduction during stomatal movement responding to jasmonic acid (JA) in Vicia faba. Inhibitors of H2S synthesis (aminooxy acetic acid, hydroxylamine, and potasium pyruvate + ammonia), the scavenger of H2O2 (ascorbic acid), and the inhibitors of H2O2 synthesis (salicylhydroxamic acid, diphenylene iodonium) all reduced JA-induced stomatal closure. Moreover, JA enhanced H2O2 and H2S levels and L-/D-cysteine desulfhydrase activity in leaves and guard cells. The inhibitors of L-/D-cysteine desulfhydrase diminished JA-induced H2S production in leaves. In addition, H2O2 scavenger decreased H2S level and L-/D-cysteine desulfhydrase activity induced by JA. Therefore, H2S and H2O2 are involved in the signal transduction pathway of JA-induced stomatal closure. L-/D-cysteine desulfhydrase-derived H2S may represent a novel downstream component of the H2O2 signaling cascade during JA-induced stomatal movement in V. faba.

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