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商业绯, 李明, 丁博, 牛浩, 杨振宁, 陈小强, 曹高燚, 谢晓东*()   

  1. 天津农学院农学与资源环境学院, 天津 300384
  • 收稿日期:2016-05-02 接受日期:2016-10-16 出版日期:2017-03-01 发布日期:2017-04-05
  • 通讯作者: 谢晓东 E-mail:xiex@tjau.edu.cn
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Advances in Auxin Regulation of Plant Stomatal Development

Yefei Shang, Ming Li, Bo Ding, Hao Niu, Zhenning Yang, Xiaoqiang Chen, Gaoyi Cao, Xiaodong Xie*   

  1. College of Agriculture, Resources and Environmental Sciences, Tianjin Agricultural University, Tianjin 300384, China
  • Received:2016-05-02 Accepted:2016-10-16 Online:2017-03-01 Published:2017-04-05
  • Contact: Xie Xiaodong E-mail:xiex@tjau.edu.cn
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气孔是分布于植物表皮由保卫细胞围成的小孔, 是植物体与外界环境进行水分和气体交换的重要通道, 通过影响光合作用、蒸腾作用及一系列生物学过程来促进植物适应环境的变化。生长素是最早被发现的植物激素, 在植物生长发育中发挥重要作用。近年来的研究表明, 生长素通过载体蛋白-TIR1/AFB受体-AUXIN/IAA-ARFs信号通路, 调控STOMAGEN的表达; 之后, 经STOMAGEN-类LRR受体蛋白激酶ERf-MAPKs级联反应激酶-SPCH转录因子信号通路, 启动气孔的发育进程。EPF1、EPF2和类LRR受体蛋白激酶TMM不是该过程的必需元件。生长素对气孔的调控受光信号影响, 光信号通路组分E3泛素连接酶COP1位于MAPKs激酶的上游, 参与气孔的发育调控。


As pores surrounded by two guard cells on the surface of plants, stomata act as important pathways exchanging water and gas between plants and the external atmosphere. Stomata can also adapt to changes in the environment by affecting the photosynthesis, transpiration and subsequent biological processes in plants. Auxin, the first discovered plant hormone, regulates various developmental processes in plants. Recent studies revealed that auxin is involved in stomatal development by transcription regulation of STOMAGEN via the auxin carrier protein-TIR1/AFB receptor-AUXIN/IAA-ARFs signaling pathway. Eventually, stomatal development is initiated by the STOMAGEN-LRR receptor-like protein kinase ERf-MAPK cascade protein kinase-SPCH signaling pathway. EPF1, EPF2 and the LRR receptor-like protein kinase TMM appear not key components in auxin-regulated stomatal development. Light signaling affects this regulatory process by the E3 ubiquitin ligase COP1 acting upstream of MAPK protein kinases.


生长素载体蛋白PIN3及生长素调控气孔发育图示SPCH、MUTE和FAMA的相应调控位置, 气孔发育过程伴随着生长素输出蛋白PIN3含量以及生长素活性的变化。"


生长素信号参与气孔建成的信号通路示意图生长素极性运输由输入载体蛋白AUX/LAX和输出载体蛋白PIN保持。生长素浓度低时, AUX/IAA蛋白的结构域III、IV与ARF转录因子结合, 促进STOMAGEN基因正常表达。Stomagen由叶肉细胞运转到表皮细胞, 结合并抑制类LRR受体蛋白ERf, 导致MAPKs信号级联反应被抑制, SPCH转录因子启动气孔的发育。生长素浓度高时, SCF复合体的F-box蛋白TIR1识别结构域II, 最终AUX/IAA蛋白被降解, 释放ARF转录因子。ARF转录因子与STOMAGEN启动子结合, STOMAGEN的表达被抑制。与Stomagen竞争的EPFs, 会结合类LRR受体蛋白ERf, 激发MAPKs信号级联反应, 抑制SPCH及其调控的气孔发育。图中箭头表示正调控作用, T表示负调控作用, 虚线表示该过程被抑制。"

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