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Research Advances on Plant Science in China in 2009

Tai Wang1; Qian Qian2; Ming Yuan3; Xiaojing Wang4; Weicai Yang5; Lijia Qu6; Hongzhi Kong1; Yinong Xu1; Gaoming Jiang1; Kang Chong1   

  • Online:2010-05-01 Published:2010-03-01

Abstract: Plant science in China has been developing rapidly in 2009. This year, Chinese scientists have reported a lot of original research findings in various aspects of plant biology and made a serial of significant progresses in plant genome sequencing, identification of important functional genes in rice, and phytohormone receptor as well as signal transduction of plant hormone. The industrialization of transgenic crops including rice and maize achieved breakthrough and the research on the ecological safety has supplied novel technical standard and knowledge in evaluating ecological safety of transgenic crops during industrialization of these crops. This review aims to provide an overall picture of research advances on plant science in China and highlights some of the important findings in 2009.

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