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Identification of Tiller Angle Quantitative Trait Loci Based on Chromosome Segment Substituted Lines and High-density Physical Map in Rice

Chunfang Zhao, Lihui Zhou, Xin Yu, Qingyong Zhao, Tao Chen, Shu Yao, Yadong Zhang, Zhen Zhu, Cailin Wang*   

  1. Nanjing Branch of Chinese National Center for Rice Improvement, Jiangsu High Quality Rice Research and Development Center, Institute of Food Crops, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing 210014, China
  • Received:2012-03-13 Revised:2012-06-07 Online:2012-09-04 Published:2012-11-01
  • Contact: Cailin Wang

Abstract: We developed a 9311/Nipponbare physical map with 250 simple sequence repeat/sequence-tagged site markers by adding markers on the original genetic map. We screened 119 chromosome segment substituted lines and obtained 10 lines with significantly different tiller angle trait as compared with the recipient 9311 (P≤0.001). From this physical map, we detected quantitative trait loci (QTL) using the substitution map strategy. We identified 5 tiller-angle QTL, with qTA11 showing a positive effect and derived from the 9311 allele. Additional 4 QTL had a negative effect and were all derived from Nipponbare alleles. qTA6-1 and qTA6-2 were located on chromosome 6 at 3.55 Mb between RM253 and RM527 and at 1.65 Mb between RM3139 and RM494, respectively; qTA9 was located on chromosome 9 at 3.40 Mb between RM257 and RM189; qTA10 was located on chromosome 10 within 2.10 Mb between RM222 and S10-1; qTA11 was located on chromosome 11 within 3.30 Mb between RM1761 and RM4504. These results provide useful information for fine mapping new QTL of tiller angle and for rice breeding by plant type.

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