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Advances in Epigenetic Regulation of Abiotic Stress Response in Plants

Du Kangxi, Shen Wenhui, Dong Aiwu*()   

  1. Institute of Botany, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai 200438, China
  • Received:2017-08-04 Accepted:2017-10-25 Online:2018-11-29 Published:2018-09-01
  • Contact: Dong Aiwu
  • About author:† These authors contributed equally to this paper


Plant growth and development are easily affected by environmental changes, and epigenetic mechanisms play important roles in regulating gene expression in response to environmental stimuli. In recent years, epigenetic stu- dies have achieved important progress in the response to abiotic stresses in plants, providing a good foundation for further understanding the potential molecular mechanisms. In this review, we summarize the plant epigenetic regulations, including DNA methylation, histone modification, chromatin remodeling and small RNA, in response to abiotic stresses.

Key words: epigenetic, abiotic stress, plant, growth and development, research advance

Figure 1

Epigenetic regulation in abiotic stress tolerance in plant"

Table 1

Abiotic stress responsive genes regulated by DNA-methylation in plants"

基因 物种 胁迫类型 参考文献
Asr1, Asr2 番茄(Solanum lycopersicum) 干旱胁迫 González et al., 2011; 2013
NtGPDL 烟草(Nicotiana tabaccum cv. ‘Xanthi nc’) 低温胁迫 Choi and Sano, 2007
OsMYB91 水稻(Oryza sativa) 盐胁迫 Zhu et al., 2015
Glyma16g27950 Glyma20g30840
大豆(Glycine max) 盐胁迫 Song et al., 2012
SPCH, FAMA 拟南芥(Arabidopsis thaliana) 湿度胁迫 Tricker et al., 2012
ZmMI1, Ac/Ds 玉米(Zea mays) 低温胁迫 Steward et al., 2002
Tam3 金鱼草(Antirrhinum majus) 低温胁迫 Hashida et al., 2006
NRPD2 拟南芥(A. thaliana) 高温胁迫 Popova et al., 2013

Table 2

Histone modification related genes involved in abiotic stresses in plants"

基因 物种 胁迫类型 参考文献
HDACs 拟南芥(Arabidopsis thaliana ) 盐胁迫 Luo et al., 2012
SKB1 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 盐胁迫 Zhang et al., 2011b
MSI1, HDA19 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 盐胁迫 Mehdi et al., 2016
HDA9 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 盐胁迫, 干旱胁迫 Zheng et al., 2016
HDA705 水稻(Oryza sativa) 盐胁迫 Zhao et al., 2016
GCN5 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 热胁迫 Hu et al., 2015
HDT701 水稻(O. sativa) 盐胁迫 Zhao et al., 2014
AtABO1 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 干旱胁迫 Chen et al., 2006
ADH1, PDC1 水稻(O. sativa) 淹水胁迫 Tsuji et al., 2006
OsHAG702, OsHAG704 OsHAC701, OsHAC704 水稻(O. sativa) 干旱胁迫 Liu et al., 2012
OsHAG703, OsHAM701 OsHAC703, OsHAF701 水稻(O. sativa) 干旱胁迫 Liu et al., 2012; Fang et al., 2014
AtATX1 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 干旱胁迫 Ding et al., 2011
OsDREB1bc 水稻(O. sativa) 盐胁迫, 低温胁迫 Roy et al., 2014
HvTX1, HvPKDM7 大麦(Hordeum vulgare) 干旱胁迫 Papaefthimiou and Tsaftaris, 2012
MYST, ELP3, GCN5 大麦(H. vulgare) 干旱胁迫 Papaefthimiou et al., 2010
AtHD2C 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 干旱胁迫 Sridha and Wu, 2006
AtMSI1, AtCHR12 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 干旱胁迫, 高温胁迫 Alexandre et al., 2009
AtBRM 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 干旱胁迫 Berr et al., 2012

Table 3

sRNA and sRNA-regulated genes involved in abiotic stresses in plants"

基因 物种 胁迫类型 参考文献
SlAGO4A 番茄(Solanum lycopersicum) 干旱胁迫, 盐胁迫 Huang et al., 2016
19 different miRNAs 水稻(Oryza sativa) 干旱胁迫 Zhou et al., 2010
13 different miRNAs 野生二粒小麦(Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides) 干旱胁迫 Kantar et al., 2011
CSD1, CSD2, CCS 拟南芥(Arabidopsis thaliana ) 高温胁迫 Guan et al., 2013
NFYA5 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 干旱胁迫 Li et al., 2008
OsPCF5, OsPCF8 水稻(O. sativa) 低温胁迫 Yang et al., 2013
GmNFYA3 大豆(Glycine max ) 干旱胁迫 Ni et al., 2013
Phvul.010g120700 菜豆(Phaseolus vulgaris) 干旱胁迫 Sosa-Valencia et al., 2017
SlNF-YA1/2/3, SlMRP1 番茄(S. lycopersicum) 干旱胁迫 Zhang et al., 2011a
BHLH23 鹰嘴豆(Cicer arietinum) 干旱胁迫 Hajyzadeh et al., 2015

Table 4

Chromatin remodeling related genes involved in abiotic stresses in plants"

基因 物种 胁迫类型 参考文献
AtCHR12 拟南芥(Arabidopsis thaliana ) 干旱, 高温胁迫 Mlynárová et al., 2007
BRM 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) ABA, 干旱胁迫 Han et al., 2012
AtCHR23 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 盐胁迫 Folta et al., 2014
ATL1 水稻(Oryza sativa) 碱胁迫 Guo et al., 2014
AtASF1A/B 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 热胁迫 Weng et al., 2014
AtNAP1 拟南芥(A. thaliana ) 盐胁迫 Liu et al., 2009
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