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Identification and Gene Mapping of the nrl7 Mutant in Rice

Wei Wang, Jiayu Wang*, Shenglong Yang, Jin Liu, Xiaoyan Dong, Guojiao Wang, Wenfu Chen   

  1. Collaborative Innovation Center for Genetic Improvement and Quality and Efficient Production of Japonica Rice in the Northeast of China, Rice Research Institute, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang 110866, China
  • Received:2015-11-16 Revised:2016-01-25 Online:2016-05-24 Published:2016-05-01
  • Contact: Jiayu Wang


Leaf morphology is an important trait of ideotype breeding; moderate rolling of leaves can enhance light-use efficiency. Study of genes that control leaf morphology can enrich the theory of ideal plant architecture in rice. We found a novel spontaneous mutant nrl7 with narrow rolled leaves in the japonica C275 population that can be stably inherited. Compared to the wild type, the leaves of nrl7 narrowed and rolled inward, the number of vascular bundles between the leaf midrib and the adjacent vein was reduced to one, and the bulliform cells showed significant morphological change. Nevertheless, the plant height, filled grains per panicle, and filled grain weight per panicle in the mutant were 88.46%, 69.77%, 68.98%, respectively, of that in the wild type. Photosynthetic rate was significantly higher in the mutant than the wild type and accounted for 17% of that in C275. Transpiration rate did not differ. Map-based cloning revealed NRL7 on chromosome 3 between markers RM5444 and MM1300, delimited to a 185.14 kb region. These results will lay a good
foundation for molecular cloning and functional analysis of NRL7.

Key words: rice, narrow rolled leaf mutant, gene mapping

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