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Progress in Inorganic Nitrogen Transport Proteins and Their Phosphorylation Regulatory Mechanism in Arabidopsis

Xi Zhang, Jinxing Lin, Xiaoyi Shan*   

  1. College of Biological Sciences and Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083, China
  • Received:2014-12-30 Accepted:2015-05-11 Online:2016-02-01 Published:2016-01-01
  • Contact: Shan Xiaoyi
  • About author:? These authors contributed equally to this paper


Nitrogen (N) is an essential nutrient element. Its supply and demand imbalance would seriously affect plant growth and development. Inorganic N (nitrate and ammonium radical) is the major N source in plant, with assimilation and transportation depending on synergistic action of various transport proteins. The activity of some inorganic N transporters is regulated at the post-translation level by phosphorylation. This review describes a global picture of the inorganic N transporters including their classification, molecular structure, location and biological function in Arabidopsis. The phosphorylation regulatory mechanisms of some inorganic N transporters are mainly discussed.

Key words: nitrogen, nitrate radical, ammonium radical, transport proteins, phosphorylation

Table 1

The location and physiological function of primary nitrogen transporters in Arabidopsis thaliana"

基因名称 主要组织定位 功能 参考文献
NRT1.1 根表皮、皮层和内皮层细胞、
双亲和性硝酸根转运和信号感受 Wang et al., 2012
NRT1.2 根表皮细胞 低亲和性硝酸根转运 Wang et al., 2012
NRT1.4 叶柄 调节硝酸根在叶柄和叶片间的分配 Wang et al., 2012
NRT1.6 珠柄 种子发育时的硝酸根供应 Wang et al., 2012
NRT1.7 老叶小叶脉的韧皮部细胞 由老叶到幼叶的硝酸根再分配 Wang et al., 2012
NRT1.8 根木质部薄壁细胞 调节硝酸根从根部到茎部的转运 Wang et al., 2012
NRT1.9 根韧皮部伴胞 调节硝酸根从根部到茎部的转运 Wang et al., 2012
NRT1.11/NRT1.12 成熟叶片主叶脉伴胞 由成熟叶片到幼叶的硝酸根再分配 Hsu and Tsay, 2013
NAXT1 根皮层细胞 硝酸根的外流 Wang et al., 2012
NRT2.1 根表皮和皮层细胞 高亲和性硝酸根转运 Wang et al., 2012
NRT2.2 根部 高亲和性硝酸根转运 Wang et al., 2012
NRT2.4 根表皮细胞 高亲和性硝酸根转运 Wang et al., 2012
NRT2.7 成熟种子 通过转运将硝酸根储存在液泡中 Wang et al., 2012
CLCa/b 叶肉细胞 通过转运将硝酸根储存在液泡中 Wang et al., 2012
SLAC1/SLAH3 保卫细胞 硝酸根的外流 Wang et al., 2012
AMT1;1 根表皮细胞和皮层细胞 铵根离子吸收 Loqué and von Wirén, 2004
AMT1;2 根皮层和内皮层细胞 通过质外体向维管束转运铵根离子 Loqué and von Wirén, 2004
AMT1;3 根表皮细胞和皮层细胞 铵根离子吸收 Loqué and von Wirén, 2004
AMT1;4 花粉 花粉中特异转运铵根离子 Loqué and von Wirén, 2004

Figure 1

NRT1.1 phosphorylation regulatory mechanism (modified from Tsay, 2014)(A) Low nitrate concentration; (B) High nitrate concentration"

Figure 2

SLAC1/SLAH3 phosphorylation regulatory mechanism (modified from Geiger et al., 2011)(A) -ABA; (B) +ABA"

Figure 3

AMT1;1/1;2 phosphorylation regulatory mechanism (modified from Lanquar et al., 2009)(A) Low nitrate concentration; (B) High nitrate concentration"

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